Our Mission

MYTHILIS SALON & BEAUTY PARLOUR mission is to provide the best possible services, products, experience and education to our valued clients. We look to the future as an opportunity to constantly improve and refine our operations for your benefit, and look to our clients to help us make those refinements. We promise to fulfill our mission and provide it within a relaxing atmosphere by a highly trained and educated staff.




Mythilis Salon & Beauty Parlours Wide Range Of Services Include ...


We use only SHISEIDO and SIMPLY ZEN Hair products

Shiseido products works fantastically on Indian hair to restructure the bonds in the hair so that the hair is straight, giving you glossy,smooth shiny straight hair.

Our Services include: Shampooing /Blowing and Styling

Hair cuts (“U” cut, “V” cut, Layer cut, Step cut, etc.)



Hair straightening /Rebonding

Dry Hair Treatment (very effective)

Dandruff treatment

Hair colouring (Hair Dye/Herbal)

Hairfall treatment – Very Effective


We provide Full range of make up, Hair do / Saree tying services for weddings/ROM /Engagements/Personal MakeUp/Birthdays



Shiseido products works fantastically on Indian hair to restructure the bonds in the hair so that the hair is straight, giving you glossy,smooth shiny straight hair


This treatment consists of cuticle removal , nail shaping, soaking, AND short relaxing massage for your hands and legs .This treatment is completed by applying the polish of your choice !


This course will provide you the basics of Facial using the best of the products. Mythili’s Beauty Therapists are are well trained with Lotus techniques using products that combine pleasure, sensuality and effectiveness. Because every woman is unique, Lotus offers a range of products for everybody’s needs. Lotus welcomes you to the wide range of facials to suit each and every individual’s skin type. Types of facials taught

Dry Skin Facial

Wrinkle Lift facial /

The Oil Control Facial

Acne Facial

Glow Dermie Facial (Cleansing Facial)

Diamond Facial

Gold Facial

Pearl facial

Whitening Facial

Depigmentation Facial

Under Eye Treatments



Given below is a brief overview of our popular beauty courses to enhance your career as a Beauty Specialist.

1. COSMETOLOGY : What will you learn –This course will teach you different types of Facials, Threading eyebrows, upper lips, full face, waxing, basic manicure and pedicure, Hair care, Hot oil massage with Henna conditioning ,hair dye applications Henna colouring.

2. INDIAN BRIDAL : This course will teach you the different types of make up,hairstyles and saree tying for marriage functiom.

3. HAIR CUTS : This course will teach you the basic cuts like straight, “U” cut, Layer cut, etC

4. REBONDING : This course will provide you the proper training for rebonding of hair etc.

5. HENNA ARTWORK : This course will teach you the basic strokes for henna designing and proceed from this point to create your designs.


We also provide following Home Services for your convenience :



(Waxing Tips)

Avoid the sun immediately after waxing and wear sun screen.
Avoid saunas and steam rooms for at least 48 hours.
Do not use exfoliating products for at least 24 hours.
Apply a soothing cream containing chamomile, aloe vera or tea tree oil to even skin tone, close pores and soothe any bumps, irritation or redness.
Regular waxing helps your skin get accustomed to the procedure and may minimize irritation overtime.





Facial, Pedicure, manicure and threading services for men

Catering Service for small parties

Contact us if you are looking for sale, purchase, or rental - Flats



I have sensitive skin and am very cautious about the type of skin care and cosmetics products I use and facials I do. Begam’s facials have made tremendous improvement to my skin and it even toned, less oily and has few open pores...


My hair was very dry. First time when I came in her parlour about 5 yrs ago she did Henna treatment after which I have seen tremendous improvement and since then I have been her regular customer. Begam’s facials also helped my skin look less oily and has given me that graceful look on my face. Begam understands what exactly the her customers need and will advice treatments accordingly.

Thank You

The service is very good and the staff is very friendly and helpful!The henna artwork is also fabulous ! Very Much Recommended !!!

Grace,Hong Kong

The service is very nice and beautiful as she did my wedding bridal which I am still very happy about it. Nothing else only Beauty !!! - Saro.

Service is very good and really I feel I am relaxing here. - Syanya

Love to come everytime , good service and Friendly owner ! - Valya

Have been Mythilli’s Salon & Beauty Parlour customer for past three yrs.The service is very good and the staff are quite friendly. Enjoy being here and enjoy the service. - Sudha

Hi!! She came as a savior to save me from pain of eyebrow threading. Wouderful lady, gives very nice service and sweet words. He He!! J. Kiran

She is a very time professional, very good at doing her facials-She has a wounderful touch.She even make threading less painful. Provides avery professional touch in her service. All the Best to you !! - P/s

She is very kind & has work ethics. Very humble to customers and gave a beautiful look to my hair after rebonding. Thanks to her service.All the very best for your esteemed service! - Cheers, Gayathri

All the staff are very friendly and helpful.I had my eyebrows threaded which I never had before and was very happy with the result and the service.A very fun and comfortable experience. - Casey and ShExcellent and personalized service.Nice and friendly staff.thanks for the effort. - Karlu

Good service and personalized, good massage.- TQ J

I.m a regular customer with Ms.Begum.Her service is excellent.I have always trusted her with my face for facials.She’s friendly and fantastic customer service.i’ll continue my visits with her.- Jessica

It was a good service.I have been here for the first time.Ms.Begum was very welcoming and was very friendly.I will visit again.God Bless !! - K.Soumya

Begum is always so welcoming, caring , gentle with her hands,it’s a pleasure to get some or the other treatment done from her.She is so warm that it keeps you coming bsck to the parlour.All the very best to your growth and prosperity.Don’t Change.- Shweta Chawla

Hi! Good Service! Fast,easy and cheap.Thank you I’ll come again.- Olive Wo

Hi,I must say,first time in Singapore I received a good service and quite reasonable,I loved the ambience and cheerful staff.Cheers!!! Way to go…J - Adit

Hi. Excellent and professional service. Good Staff. I am always satisfied with the result in everything I do !!!

I have been coming here since last 4 yrs.I am very much satisfied with all the services I tried here whether its eyebrowshaping or facial or other services.And on top of that Begum is always so friendly and warm that its always a pleasure coming here again and again.- Nidhia

This is an excellent parlour.Good Service.Everybody is working hard.Service iriented place.Begum is my friend.She is having concern nad is is very friendly.These two girls, Monica and Poornima.They are very sincere.I prefer to come here only.I like this place very much. - Sheela-Scientist

It was my first trip and I wasn’t sure which of the many parlours to try.I was pleased with the service received here. The staff were very polite and the time and quality of treatments were good. The parlour itself was clean(compared to others I had seen) and I would recommend it again. - Pooja, London

I have been coming to this parlour for a very long time now.The kind of satisfaction I get from this place is unbelievable.I don’t have to think twice about the kind of service I get.And the most important thing is that my friend here is so friendly and polite that she makes me feel comfortable.I wish her all the best for her future endeavours. - Shikha Jai

Have been coming here for past 8-10 months now.Its been a good experience compare to other beauty salons that I’ve been in Singapore.Both Begum Madam as well as staff are friendly and the job they do is satisfying,I would say you get value for money in a friendly atmosphere.Would be coming regularly.Best wishes. - Sophy (Researcher

Have been visiting other threading outlets for the past one year.This year I came to Mythillis Salon & Beauty Parlour..I come once in every three weeks and I find the threading very good.Customer service is very good and the assistants always do as we ask them to do.Also its not very costly and its pretty affordable. - Abigail,Student

I am a tourist from Chennai,and had visited this parlour for the sake of hair straightening which was done very professionally and with great care.Seeing their dedication I also decided to get my friend here.I will never forget this parlour and I wish them all the best for the future. - Dr.Sevakumari,Chenani

I have been to several places for facials at different places.I still prefer Mythillis Salon & Beauty Parlour as the service is good and they know what we need to make us look to our best.No machines,no needles,no artificials…its all natural!I just love the facial massages that rejuvenate us.Its so relaxing! I feel very satisfying whenever I leave Mythilli’s Salon & Beauty Parlour after each treatments or facials.I will always recommend to friends to come here.Best wishes to them and hope they grow bigger

- Jayanti

Begum’s service is excellent.She knows my face better than myself.I never get satisfied with the shape of my eyebrows except when she does it.She has excellent skills and her team of beauticians is excellent too

- Fahimah,Teacher

Mythilli’s Salon & Beauty Parlour is a great place to visit for its warm and friendly environment retaining the quality of beauty service.I ma a happy customer and believe they grow in professional and friendly service with its team.


“ Being Beautiful is every woman’s birth right.” Mythilli’s have made me look and feel beautiful.I come here for all my beauty needs and excellent service.Begum’s experience and expert advice is very comforting.I wish them all the best and I will continue to come to Mythilli’s Beauty Parlour for a long time

p.s: I strongly recommend Mythilli’s for all your beauty needs. - Sutha Konesho

Begum’s customer approach is excellent and doing very nice.I did my hair rebonding.She did it very well and I did my facial also, very excellent facial and gave a good massage.She is very friendly and nice person.I am very much satisfied with hair service

- Geetha – Housewife

Ever since I have come to Singapore I have known only one name for Beauty Services which is Mythilli’s.Can’t think of any other parlour.It provides excellent services in terms of Facial, eyebrow , waxing etc.The value for money is immense.Begum provides special care to each and every customer and everyone is valued.I am more than satisfied with her services.Wish all the success in future endeavours. - Lopa-Services

I am very particular about getting my eyebrows and upper lips threading.Mainly because I have a very sensitive skin.After having tried so many parlours and often with bad experiences,Mythilli’s was a pleasant relief.With different strokes and lively service its always worth coming for time and again. Its great value for money and rest assured they never spoil your eyebrows !! - Priyanka B Lakhampal.

I am very proud to be a student of Begum (Madam).I have never met a person like her she’s very good in her service.She will give correct and give ideas for any type of treatment.I like Begam’s way of treating the customer.i learnt a lot of things from her.I will never forget you Madam.Thank you

With love,M.Siva Raj


**Cosmetics : We offer high quality compact powder, Lipsticks,Eye Liners, Mascaras, Perfumes, Skin Creams for Sale

**Facial Products : We have a full line of LOTUS products for concentrated serums for dry skin,Oil Control ,acne ,whitening and depigmentation products for sale.

**Hair – Hair fall Shampoo, Dandruff control shampoo, dry and chemically treated hair shampoo, Hair ampules (to control hair fall), Hair tonic for new growth also available for sale)

Mythilis is very popular among locals, expatriates as well as airline crews who look for excellent quality and personalized beauty services ...


Experience Singapore”s 1st Indian Based Reflexology using Gua-sha and Varma Methods.

- Excellent Blood circulation
- Stimulate Nerve Function
- Increase Energy
- Eliminate Toxins
- Get Undisturbed sleep.

Promo: Only $30
for 45 min session.

Pls call Begum for 9070 5016 Appts.






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Benefits of flower bath -
To ease relationship problems, to remove bad luck and to give smooth flow in life, to remove all negative energy and to help you with a new feel and many more

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Hi All, Just wanted  all of you beautiful people to know that YOU are welcome to call me on my mobile for any enquiries you might have on improving your facial conditions or creating a new You by coloring your hair, etc. I am also on the facebook. Cheers. Begum